Forensic & Fraud

Forensic & Fraud

The report issued after examination of a company’s financial records to derive evidence which can be used in a court of law or legal proceeding is forensic & Fraud Report.

Forensic investigations are done for several reasons like corruption, Asset Misappropriation, Financial Statement Fraud. In other words, a forensic audit is a detailed engagement that requires the expertise of not only accounting and auditing procedures but also expert knowledge regarding the legal framework. A forensic auditor is required to have an understanding of various frauds that can be carried out and of how evidence needs to be collected.

Being one of the top certified fraud examiners, ARC Associates helps in detecting and preventing fraud falling heavily on the accounting profession, our expert team recognizes fraud and learn the tools and strategies necessary to catch it in time by providing valuable information to the clients for dealing with prevention and discovery of financial deception.

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