Real Estate Dispute

Assisting in Best Real Estate Dispute Services in Dubai

Real Estate disputes are legal conflicts that involve real property. These types of disputes can involve properties that are worth large amounts of money. Many of these disputes can take a long time to resolve and may involve many financial/court resources. Thus, it is often common for people involved in a real estate dispute to seek alternative forms of dispute resolution. For instance, many real estate disputes involve a breach of contract when it comes to the sale of the property. In such cases, both real estate laws and contract remedies may apply, thus making the situation more complex.

ARC Associates is associated with real estate lawyers in Dubai and other emirates, having in-depth knowledge of the UAE’s federal and local real estate laws, regulatory requirements, laws, and practices. With years of real estate and property litigation experience on hand, our team of consultants and experts of United Arab Emirates Property Lawyers has advised contractors, investors, developers, owners, buyers, sellers, property, and construction companies on disputes from purchases and divestitures to conflicts over joint ventures. Our expertise enlists:

  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Lease renewals
  • Rental agreement disputes
  • Construction and development legal disputes
  • Rent analyses for commercial
  • Warehousing and residential property
  • Disputes between investors, developers, and contractors

Real Estate Dispute Procedures and Results, Complete Dedication and  Professionalism

From the beginning of the transactions, our procedures take all the preventive precautions and measurements to avoid all future disputes or foreseen consequences, we provide our clients with full representation if any dispute emerges. Moreover, we take every measure to protect our customers and thus ensure that the interests of our customers can be secured without much trouble in the event of disputes.

Even otherwise, our associated team of resourceful litigators handles the court proceedings efficiently. Moreover, we represent our clients in alternative dispute resolution forums such as arbitration, mediation, and conciliation proceedings in addition to court proceedings. In any case, we focus on ensuring that we do not leave any stone unturned to ensure that our clients receive justice.

Other forms of resolving real estate disputes include:

  • Injunctions (for instance, to cease additional construction efforts, etc.)
  • Mediation or arbitration (this involves a neutral party to help facilitate discussions between the parties)
  • Various fines or fees (these are common for city or state zoning/land use violations)
  • Specific performance (i.e., requiring one party to perform their contract duties)
  • Various other remedies, such as a judicial lien on the property