Internal Audit

Internal Audit Services in Dubai

Internal audit is a key management control tool that is used by organizations to ensure that the internal processes are consistent and functioning as per the requirements of the business. It is imperative in the case of an internal audit, that the internal audit report submitted should be unbiased from internal politics and should be independent so that the senior management gets a clear picture of the health of the organization through the report.

Internal audits can be categorized into the following types that focus on a specific type of function performed by the business.

  • Compliance & Environmental Audits  This audit evaluates the compliance with various laws, regulations, policies, and procedures and evaluates the impact of a business’s activities on the environment.
  • Information Technology Audits  It checks controls over the IT systems of the business so that the authenticity of the data could be ensured and fraud cases could be prevented.
  • Operational Audits  This audit focuses on the day-to-day operations of the business so as to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the business activities.
  • Performance Audits  It checks whether the objectives of the business are being achieved and the business operations are working in line to achieve these objectives.
ARC Associates situated in Dubai is one of the best internal auditors in the UAE that specializes in the performance of the internal audit. While performing the internal audit of the organizations, the team of professionals of ARC Associates ensures that the internal processes, governance, and operations of the organization are reviewed thoroughly so as to provide an unbiased view of the organization’s health. Being well experienced and the best auditors for internal auditors in UAE help an organization to achieve its core objectives by evaluating risks the business is exposed to and providing the proactive means to tackle the threats. By identifying the risks and providing the solutions, we as the best internal auditors in the UAE help improve the businesses’ internal heath.

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