Islamic FInance Dispute

Islamic Banking Dispute Resolution Based On Sharia Law In The UAE

Islamic finance is all based on Sharia law and in compliance with it. This law has a list of a number of investment types that are permitted. Islamic banking and finance is coming to believe to have existed since the seventh century and were formalized only in the 1960s. Coincidentally, there was a huge oil wealth in the economy at this time that Islamic finance responded to by demanding Sharia-compliant procedures for both the benefit of society and the economy.

There may also be disputes in this area. Some of the disputes that may occur are payment of installments, bounced cheques, default payment-related problems, credit card payment issues, transaction problems terms and conditions, etc. A legal team of experts who fully understands the nature of the law and could move swiftly among those regulations can only manage Islamic Finance Dispute in the UAE. ARC Associates Resolving Islamic Finance Disputes in Dubai experts are on the very top of the list of the best for all dispute handling and management.

Islamic Banking Dispute Resolution, 2 Cases of Non-Court Settlement

Dispute resolution in the majority of Islamic banking and finance is done by the courts. However, there are circumstances in that disputes over Islamic Finance that can be settled and reviewed in a court of arbitration. If it is included in a contract clause that both parties are able to settle a dispute in an arbitration tribunal so long as a party breaches one of the clauses listed in the contract and if there is none, both parties may agree to go through an arbitration tribunal to settle the case.

Therefore, the expertise of ARC Associate lawyers is consulted before a dispute occurs and before they have to go through the resolution of disputes over Islamic Finance. In order to avoid the trouble a dispute brings, one should be careful to enter into a contract.