How To Apply For UAE VAT Reconsideration?

How To Apply For UAE VAT Reconsideration?

UAE VAT reconsideration permits a taxable individual to appeal for the review given by the FTA authority. All the organizations in the UAE must know about the VAT laws, which is always beneficial to smoothly run their business. If organizations don’t follow the tax laws gave by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), they will get VAT penalties & fines. There are numerous circumstances when the organizations adhere to the rules & regulations of FTA and still get fines and punishments. In such conditions, the taxpayer isn’t persuaded with the decision given by the FTA and he may apply for UAE VAT Reconsideration.

Any individual or organization can apply for UAE VAT reconsideration to the FTA. The application must be made within 20 days from the date of the punishment decision of the authority. On the off chance that you are not happy with the authority decision and if there is an issue of punishment having been forced on you, you are permitted to file a VAT reconsideration solicitation to the position concerned. It is done with the purpose that the authority may review the penalty decisions taken by the FTA.

How to Apply For VAT Reconsideration?
VAT reconsideration form is accessible on the FTA site. Businesses can submit UAE VAT reconsideration online. If you want to submit a reconsideration form to any decision taken by FTA then you have to submit the application and related documents in Arabic only. FTA won’t investigate any conditions where the application or related documents are submitted in English.

Documents Required for VAT Reconsideration Form
If you are not satisfied with the penalty decision made by the FTA, it is conceivable to demand them to reconsider the punishment decision. For this, you can download the VAT reconsideration form & can be submitted by the tax registrant, tax agent, or by non-registrant. Before submitting a VAT reconsideration, you should set up a solid case with proof and supported reasons that why a punishment ought not to be forced. A reconsideration application can be filed based on the following documents:
> VAT Registration certificate
> The ID of Emirates for registration
> Passport copy of the person for registration
> Proof of Authorization (POA or MOA)
> Registered mobile number & Memorandum of Association for verifying
> The amount of penalty
> The date of penalty levied
> A summary of the case
This application and supporting reports must be recorded in Arabic as it were. Any individual can present this solicitation to the FTA authority to review the decision, either in entire or to some degree. All the purposes behind reconsideration ought to be incorporated. As far as possible is that of 20 days from the date of the decision of the authority. It is presently the turn of the FTA authority to review the decision made and issues a new decision inside 20 days from the date of receipt of such application. The authority may force a punishment if it finds there has been an instance of tax avoidance concerning the taxpayer. The punishments are forced for non-compliance and pierce of the provisions of the Federal law.

Need Any Help for VAT Reconsideration In UAE?
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