How to Amend VAT Registration in the UAE?

How to Amend VAT Registration in the UAE?

The government of the UAE has effectively implemented VAT regulations throughout the country. VAT (Value Added Tax) registration is required for all company activity in the United Arab Emirates. After VAT registration, you may need to make some modifications to your profile if your business encounters any changes in its details. So, it is your obligation to notify the FTA of any changes to the business details supplied when applying for VAT registration and to modify the registration details. This amendment application can be done online. For this, any changes to the information provided after registration must be communicated to the FTA (Federal Tax Authority) within 20 business days of the occurrence of the circumstances. A penalty may be imposed if the modifications are not notified and corrected. A registrant shall be liable to the following penalty if he fails to notify the Administration of any condition that demands the amendment of data in his tax record:

  • > For the First Time, 5,000 AED.
  • > AED 15,000 will be levied if the offence is repeated.

If you are a VAT registered business in UAE and wish to update your trade license information with FTA, follow these steps that will get you informed about “How to amend VAT registration in the UAE?”

At first, by logging onto the FTA site, taxpayers can change their registration information online. Yet, certain fields are not modifiable online, so not all data may be updated. The “Edit” and “Amendment” options can be used to update the information of a business.

The Edit Option can be used to make the following modifications:

  • > Applicant’s business activities section: For alterations in primary activity & other activities.
  • > The section on GCC activities: Any VAT registration in a GCC member state must be mentioned here.
  • > Customs Registration Information Part: A customs registration number issued by the relevant customs department in the UAE must be submitted in the customs registration annexure. If you have numerous Customs Registration Numbers (“CRN”), make a separate line item for each one. Please keep in mind that when you implement changes to your profile using the ‘Edit’ tab, the updates are automatically shown on your profile when you save changes in the form. It is not necessary to get FTA permission.                  The following modifications can be made using the Amendment Option:
    • > Applicant’s Information
    • > Contact Information
    • > Applicant’s Banking Information
    • > Relationships in business
    • > Details on the VAT application
    • > Declarations

    Bear in mind that if a registrant makes modifications to the form using the ‘Amendment’ option, the changes will not appear on the form until the FTA approves them. While reviewing your application for the changes, the FTA may ask for more information.

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