17 Sep 2021

Why Do Businesses Need Accurate Bookkeeping Services In UAE?

Bookkeeping is an important element of running a business. Having an accurate b..

10 Sep 2021

How can I find the best-charted accountant in UAE?

Finding the right charted accountant for your business in UAE is not an easy ta..

04 Sep 2021

Get Your Business Tax Matters Perfectly Done With the Best Tax Consultant in UAE

With the flourishing state of the current economy of the UAE, the role of 

27 Aug 2021

ARC Associates-The best firm in UAE for VAT Consultation

You may have many choices when it comes to discovering your appropriate

19 Aug 2021

Dubai Customs Launches Trader Export Report Service

The Trader Export Report service was launched by Dubai Customs in collaboration..

09 Aug 2021

How to get an ICV Certificate in the UAE?

ADNOC's Unified ICV Program is a brilliant initiative. Making contributions..

28 Jul 2021

Why Does Your Company Need The Best Business Valuation Services In UAE?

The entire purpose of establishing & running a business is changing in the cont..

19 Jul 2021

What Is An Investigation Audit & Related Procedures?

When a company is suspicious of engaging in anomalous activities like money lau..

10 Jul 2021

What Is The Importance Of The Bank Reconciliation Statement?

The bank reconciliation statement reconciles an entity's bank account with ..

18 Jun 2021

Amended Commercial Companies Law in UAE to Allow 100% Foreign Ownership of Companies

The UAE’s Ministry of Economy has announced an amended Commercial Companies L..

10 Jun 2021

Learn About the Key Differences between Investigation and Auditing

For common people, investigation and audit are nearly the same, but this is a w..

04 Jun 2021

How to Liquidate Free Zone Companies in UAE

Company Liquidation is a procedure where an organization takes a choice to wrap..

28 May 2021

Key Things to Understand About Filing a Bankruptcy Petition in the UAE

If an organization is announced bankrupt in the UAE, substantial commercial, mo..

20 May 2021

How to Launch Your Business in UAE Online?

The worldwide online business industry is quickly developing. In UAE, the busin..

12 May 2021

Role of TAX Agency to Ensuring Maximum Business Compliance

To help the VAT implementation in the UAE, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) char..

07 May 2021

Be Familiar with Anti-Money Laundering Laws & Some Penalties in UAE

Money laundering is an issue for the UAE, apart from the means the nation has t..

29 Apr 2021

VAT Related Responsibilities of Business in UAE

The responsibility of a business concerning value-added tax is to gather tax fo..

22 Apr 2021

Effective Internal Audit for Business

An Internal Audit System is the main building block to a viable Quality Managem..

16 Apr 2021

Most Common Challenges for Protecting Intellectual Property Services in UAE

Intellectual property is a kind of property that involves intangible creations ..

09 Apr 2021

Why Should You Outsource Bookkeeping Services In UAE?

Bookkeeping is just a simple process of recording the day-to-day financial tran..

03 Apr 2021

Business Compliance with UAE VAT Law

Are you worried about whether your business is fully compliant with UAE VAT law..

30 Mar 2021

Why Is ICV Certification Important For Your Business In UAE?

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) initiated a procurement-led In-Count..

25 Mar 2021

Are Free Zone Companies In Dubai And UAE Need To Be Audited?

Free zones in UAE perform a powerful role in forming and sustaining a more soun..

19 Mar 2021

Become Acquainted With the Importance of Financial Restructuring in a Business

Financial discipline in an organization makes the base for each business to suc..

12 Mar 2021

Cost-Effective Way of Handling Accounting Related Tasks

Nothing is more significant for a business than having a solid accounting depar..

06 Mar 2021

How to Select the Right Auditor or Audit Firm for Your Company in the UAE?

Selecting an auditor in UAE is not at all an easy chore and you should also not..

26 Feb 2021

Get To Know About UAE Insolvency Process

The new Insolvency Law in the UAE aims to increase the competitiveness of the U..

17 Feb 2021

Influence of VAT on Newly Registered Companies in UAE

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax fixed on a product when a value is c..

12 Feb 2021

Top Reasons for Your Business to Engage With a Tax Consultant in UAE

Tax rules & guidelines present various complexities that differ from one nation..

05 Feb 2021

Forensic Audit and Fraud Detection Services

It is essential to properly handle all your financials of the business to bring..

29 Jan 2021

Business Advisory & Consulting Services in Dubai, UAE

As the Middle Eastern & UAE business sectors become always refined, customers r..

22 Jan 2021

How to Reduce VAT Penalties in Dubai, UAE

The Federal Tax Authority( FTA) is the regulatory body in the United Arab Emira..

14 Jan 2021

Benefits of LLC Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

Dubai has developed as one of the most alluring business destinations all over ..

07 Jan 2021

Why Does a Company Need an Intellectual Property Business Strategy?

Intellectual Property (IP) is an asset of any company. It gives you the legal p..

02 Jan 2021

Hire the Best PRO Services in UAE for Tailoring to Your Business Needs

The United Arab Emirates with its business-friendly environment, connectivity, ..

22 Dec 2020

Deadline of Resubmission of ESR Notification & Annual Reporting Is A Few Days Away

ESR filing deadline for Notifications will be extended to 31st December 2020, b..

16 Dec 2020

ESR Impact on Business in UAE

Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) were introduced in the United Arab Emirate..

10 Dec 2020

ESR Return Filing Deadline Extended Till 31st December 2020

The Ministry of Finance in the United Arab Emirates has issued a notice regardi..

04 Dec 2020

Importance of VAT Consultancy Services in UAE

Do you ever attempt to check your accounts and assess the spending, buying, emp..

26 Nov 2020

Know the Role of Internal Auditors in UAE

Expert internal auditors in UAE can provide you with the right assistance and g..

21 Nov 2020

Penalties for Non-Compliance with Economic Substance Regulations

Economic Substance regulations were introduced in the UAE to deliver greater tr..

13 Nov 2020

Reasons To Hire TAX Consultants In UAE

Have you ever attempted to evaluate accounts like purchase, payments & spending..

05 Nov 2020

Why Small Businesses Need To Go For Accounting Services?

Small businesses are considered the financial backbone for most economies. They..

28 Oct 2020

How To Apply For UAE VAT Reconsideration?

UAE VAT reconsideration permits a taxable individual to appeal for the review g..

23 Oct 2020

New Updates of Economic Substance Regulations in UAE

ESR (Economic Substance Regulations) were launched in the UAE with effect from ..

06 Jul 2020

FTA Approved Tax Agency in UAE

The Federal Law No (7) of 2017 on tax procedures specifies the appointment of a..

03 Jun 2020

Economic Substance Regulations For The Mainland Companies In The UAE

The economic substance regulations are applicable to all the Mainland Companies..

01 Jun 2020

Taxation in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia levies corporate income tax on non-resident shares in a resident c..

23 May 2020

Economic Substance Regulations In The UAE

The regulations require UAE onshore and free zone companies and other UAE busin..

25 Feb 2020

Sheikh Mohammed Issues New Law on DMCC

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Mi..

05 Feb 2020

Common mistakes made by SMEs on VAT filings in UAE

It has been almost two years since the introduction of 5% VAT on goods and serv..

05 Feb 2020

Facebook announces 5% VAT on ad services in UAE

Facebook announced a tax on one of their services in UAE this week.
In a..

11 Jan 2020


Feasibility study: In this era of globalization, where every business competes ..

10 Nov 2019

EXCISE TAX on sugar based product in UAE

Do you import, produce, stockpile, or release Sugar-Based Products?

07 Nov 2019

Accounting & Bookkeeping Service in Al Khobar

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transacti..

07 Nov 2019

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Jeddah KSA

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transacti..

06 Nov 2019

Zakat & VAT Registration in Al Khobar

VAT or Value Added tax is the tax that is levied on the consumption of goods an..

06 Nov 2019

Auditing & Assurance Services in Al Khobar KSA

Auditing and assurance are processes that go hand in hand, and are usually used..

06 Nov 2019

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Riyadh KSA

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transacti..

06 Nov 2019

ZAKAT & VAT Registration in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

VAT or Value Added tax is the tax that is levied on the consumption of goods an..

05 Nov 2019

Zakat & VAT Registration in Saudi Arabia

VAT or Value Added tax is the tax that is levied on the consumption of goods an..

05 Nov 2019

Audit & Assurance Services in Dammam KSA

Auditing and assurance are processes that go hand in hand, and are usually used..

05 Nov 2019

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Dammam

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transacti..

05 Nov 2019

Audit Service in Riyadh KSA

Auditing and assurance are processes that go hand in hand, and are usually used..

04 Nov 2019

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Across Saudi Arabia

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of fi..

03 Nov 2019

Audit & Assurance Services in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Auditing and assurance are processes that go hand in hand, and are usually used..

30 Oct 2019

No Excise TAX on some products in UAE

Excise Tax is a form of indirect tax levied on specific goods. These goods are ..

29 Oct 2019

The Free Zone Company Liquidators in UAE

There are several free zones that have been established all around UAE and ther..

29 Oct 2019

Dubai Police Audit Report

There are certain circumstances in filing criminal case in Dubai court relating..

21 Oct 2019


Tax Residency Certificate is also called the Tax Domicile Certificate and it is..

21 Oct 2019


Tax Audit is the audit or the formal examination of the accounting records of t..

20 Oct 2019

How to Deregister Vat in UAE?

The companies with a yearly turnover of more than AED 375,000 are mandatory to ..

20 Oct 2019

Get To Know About Registered Auditors in DIFC

UAE is renowned for the great business opportunities it deals and the innumerab..

20 Oct 2019

What Is Due Diligence Audit

Whether you thinking about purchasing a business to begin your journey into sma..

20 Oct 2019


Bookkeeping is the recording of the company’s financial transactions in a chr..

19 Oct 2019

How to Register For VAT in UAE?

VAT (Value Added Tax) was introduced in the UAE on 1st January 2018. The VAT is..

21 Sep 2019


Excise tax is the indirect tax levied on certain goods that are considered to b..

28 Dec 2018

Auditing companies in Dubai

An auditing company is a firm that reviews activities to identify inefficien..

06 Oct 2018

Relationship between Auditor-Client & Audit Quality

An auditor has to display extra miles of tact and wisdom when dealing with a cl..

01 Oct 2018

Risk Audit

We always hear the word “Risk” in the audit atmosphere these days. Risk h..

30 Sep 2018

Procedure of Auditing

Auditing refers to a systematic and independent examination of accounts, books..

25 Aug 2018


VAT Consultants in Dubai: ARC Associates – Auditors and Consultants in Dubai..

21 Jun 2018

VAT Return Filing Deadline Approaching Soon

All the VAT registrants, whose tax period is ending on 31st May 2018, will have..

19 Jun 2018

How You Can Use Tax Agencies?

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has decided to introduce new features to the e-..

14 Jun 2018

Check Whether You Are eligible For VAT Recovery

While purchasing goods and services you are supposed to pay input VAT on that p..

07 Jun 2018

Are You an Importer to Dubai? Then You should know this

Are you VAT registered importer to Dubai?As a VAT registered importer to Dubai,..

06 Jun 2018

How VAT and Designated Zones are related ?

Designated Zones are areas where VAT is not applicable. These zones are recogn..

29 May 2018

All you need to know about Tax Invoices- VAT in UAE

As a VAT registered person, it is required to issue a Tax Invoice, which states..

25 May 2018

Keep your records safe FTA might call out a Tax Audit

The Federal Tax Authority can examine the records required to be preserved by a..

23 May 2018

Learn how you can claim VAT refund for new residence

If you are planning to own a home, then it is important to know about the requi..

18 May 2018

Be aware of record keeping in VAT and avoid troubles

Even though UAE businesses have maintained records and accounts in the past for..

16 May 2018

Get an idea about taxable supplies in UAE

The VAT legislation in UAE has defined taxable supplies as “supply of goods o..

14 May 2018

Want a VAT refund? Read this:

Who can claim a VAT refund
As per the federal tax authority, it is requi..

11 May 2018

What are the penalties related to VAT?

Are you worried about the penalties related to VAT for errors such as late fili..

08 May 2018

Have a single VAT registration by forming a “TAX GROUP”

The government of UAE has given provision for businesses to register under a si..

05 May 2018

Are you aware of Reverse Charge Mechanism in UAE VAT?

If you import goods or services from outside the GCC countries Reverse Charge M..

02 May 2018

Are you giving VAT exemptions? Be careful, it may pinch your pocket

All registered businesses were reminded to collect VAT on their taxable transac..

30 Apr 2018

VAT Filing: Accuracy a Big Concern

Around 50% of the UAE SMEs faced challenges in VAT filing. As the deadline just..

04 Jan 2018


VAT- IMPACT ASSESSMENT: VAT is to be implemented in the UAE fr..

04 Jan 2018

Filing VAT Returns

FILING VAT RETURNS: ARC Associates, Auditors and Consultants in UAE will help t..

06 Oct 2017


EXCISE DUTY STOCK AUDITORS IN DUBAI: As per the Federal Decree-Law No. (7) Of ..

06 Oct 2017


INVENTORY VALUATION IN THE UAE: The inventory held by a business enterprise is ..

28 Sep 2017

Document required for VAT Registration in UAE

Document required for VAT Registration in UAE: – VAT will come into force f..

14 Sep 2017


VAT Enquiry and help center:- VAT in UAE is one of the most discussed and hot ..

08 Sep 2017

VAT Registration in UAE

VAT Registration, UAE: [VAT registration]  As the date for the implementation ..

28 Aug 2017

VAT Accountants in Dubai

VAT Accountants in Dubai: Bookkeeping is one of the main essentials to have a p..

28 Aug 2017


VAT Consultants in Abu Dhabi: ARC Associates – Auditors and Consultants in D..

28 Aug 2017


For an individual to be a tax agent, he needs to fulfill the following conditi..

28 Aug 2017

Part Time Accounting And Bookkeeping

Part-time accounting and bookkeeping: Maintaining the accounts of your busines..

28 Aug 2017

Tax Residency Certificate

Tax Residency Certificate in the UAE is issued by the Ministry of Finance, UAE..

28 Aug 2017


Excise Law In UAE: With the recent issue of Federal Decree-Law No. 7 of 2017 ..

28 Aug 2017

Internal Auditing

Internal Auditing is used as a control mechanism by the enterprises to know th..

28 Aug 2017

Establishment Of Federal Tax Authority In The UAE

Federal Tax Authority: As the United Arab Emirates moves toward introducing tax..

22 Aug 2017

Financial Accounting Software

Financial Accounting Software:-  Writing of books of accounts with paper and p..

22 Aug 2017


Fund Management: Cash inflows and outflows are one of the main areas that need ..

09 Aug 2017


Company Liquidation is the process of winding up of a firm’s business. Comp..

26 Apr 2017

Financial consultants in dubai

What do we do once we get hurt on our hands?
We source ..

12 Jan 2017

Fraud – Manage it before it destroys you

Fraud – Manage it before it destroys you
Fraud is an unethical act tha..

06 Jan 2017

Company Liquidation and De-registration Services In Dubai

Everything that has a beginning has an end. The life cycle of a commercial comp..

05 Oct 2016

Accounting Service In Dubai

ARC Associates is a group of Auditors and Accountants, established in Dubai, p..

04 Jun 2016

Registered Auditors In RERA

ARC Associates gets listed with RERA And Is Now among the approved list of audi..

02 Nov 2015

Risk Audit Project Management

We always hear the word “Risk” in the audit atmosphere these days. Risk h..