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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Dammam

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Dammam

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions of a company business. Accounting also refers to the process of summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators and tax collection entities. companies Act No. M/6 of 1965 (Amended in 2015) Saudi Arabia, mandates that maintaining proper account books for at least five years is a legal requirement.

Book Keeping is all about recording a company’s economic activities in order. The entries are summarized periodically. It was called “bookkeeping” because before the computers were born, these were recorded in actual books. But now, transactions are recorded electronically.

Our service includes:

Accounting supervision
Forecasts, budgets and projections
Part time & periodic bookkeeping services by qualified and experienced accountants
Evaluation and ensuring accounting & reporting as per IFRS
Periodic financial reports of the business to the management (MIS)
Train & supervise Accountants
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