Company Liquidation Services

Company Liquidation Services in UAE

As one of the leading liquidators in Dubai with years of experience in the field, guiding companies step-by-step through the liquidation process.

We have an in-house liquidator regulated by the Courts in Dubai, as well as the DIFC authorities in Dubai. The liquidation and deregistration of a company can be a very complicated and lengthy process. At ARC Auditing & Associates, we can deregister your company smoothly within a short period of time.

Liquidation of Company in Dubai & Deregistration of Company

The liquidation of a company can be a long process if not handled properly by a reputable agency. During the liquidation process, the company’s affairs are finalized, the assets are sold or fairly distributed to the creditors, and shareholders and past actions are investigated. In the UAE, by law, the liquidation of a company should be done in any of the following cases.

If the majority of the shareholders decide to liquidate the company.

If the company suffers insolvency, which causes accumulated loss that is greater than half of the authorized capital.

If there is a court ruling to dissolve and liquidate the company.

Voluntary liquidation i.e. a vital member exits the company and the shareholders decide not to continue operations.