Financial consultants in dubai

What do we do once we get hurt on our hands? We source out a specialist for a consultation. Regardless of the situation, it is in the basics of human survival to pursue solutions for problems. Thus it is easy to guess why one should consult with a financial consultant if he has a problem… Continue reading Financial consultants in dubai

Fraud – Manage it before it destroys you

Fraud – Manage it before it destroys you Fraud is an unethical act that is unfortunately omnipresent in the world today. It is perpetrated by highly organized and resourceful criminal individuals and groups. The motivation is normally blind greed. Fraud can deprive a business of its tangible movable and immovable assets, intellectual property rights, other… Continue reading Fraud – Manage it before it destroys you

Company Liquidation and De-registration Services In Dubai

Everything that has a beginning has an end. The life cycle of a commercial company starts with incorporation or registration, covers the growth phase until it reaches maturity followed by the decline phase, and finally ends in liquidation and deregistration. A commercial company, by its nature, exists to make a profit and generate cash surpluses… Continue reading Company Liquidation and De-registration Services In Dubai

Top Accountants in Dubai

ARC Associates is a group of Auditors and Accountants, established in Dubai, providing services in Audit, Finance, Accounting, Consultancy, and RERA auditing. ARC Associates is also a listed auditor in RERA. We are one of the top auditing companies in Dubai.ARC Associates was born from the core ideology of providing high-quality financial services to organizations… Continue reading Top Accountants in Dubai

Registered Auditors In RERA

ARC Associates gets listed with RERA And Is Now among the approved list of auditors qualified for executing RERA Audits. Listed auditors in RERA: Real Estate Regulatory Agency (“RERA”), established in Dubai, UAE in the year 2007, is a government agency that formulates, regulates, manages and licenses various real estates related activities in Dubai.RERA stipulates… Continue reading Registered Auditors In RERA

Risk Audit Project Management

We always hear the word “Risk” in the audit atmosphere these days. Risk has become so important in audit parlance that we have specialized in “risk audit” training now. There are also auditors who have obtained special training on risk audit. Risk audit is defined as the uncertainty of an event occurring that could have an impact on… Continue reading Risk Audit Project Management