What Is The TAX Group In UAE?

What is the Tax Group in UAE

Two or more people operating companies in the UAE can apply for tax registration as a tax group in UAE. A tax group is the group of two or more individuals who may have enrolled as a single taxpayer with the FTA and are liable to the UAE VAT Law’s requirements. When a group of two […]

How to Amend VAT Registration in the UAE?

How to Amend VAT Registration in the UAE

The government of the UAE has effectively implemented VAT regulations throughout the country. VAT (Value Added Tax) registration is required for all company activity in the United Arab Emirates. After VAT registration, you may need to make some modifications to your profile if your business encounters any changes in its details. So, it is your obligation to […]

Impact of World Expo 2020 on Dubai Financial Market

Impact of world Expo 2020 on Dubai Financial Market

Dubai’s name has become synonymous with trade, tourism, innovation & cultural exchange, and its reputation precedes Expo 2020. Dubai, as one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, has already set numerous world records and achieved remarkable feats. Furthermore, the city’s world-class infrastructure, unique attractions, great hospitality, vibrant culture & business-friendly climate are all important assets that […]

Time Frame for Recovering Input Tax

Time frame for recovering input tax

The FTA has published a clarification to clarify the time frame within which a taxable person must recover input tax. In this Clarification, the FTA clarifies its stance on the interpretation of Article 55 of the VAT Law, as well as the time restriction for recovering input tax. This clarification also examines the options accessible […]

Which Accounting Standards Deal With Accounting For Fixed Assets In UAE?

Accounting Standards in UAE

Fixed assets are tangible or intangible assets owned by a company for use in its business activities. Tangible fixed assets have a physical form and can touch them, such as buildings, machinery, equipment, furniture, and fixtures. Intangible fixed assets are things like patents, goodwill, trademarks, and licenses. In the UAE, there are standards used by […]

How to Become the Best VAT Consultants in UAE?

How to become best VAT Consultants in UAE

A VAT Consultant plays a significant role in the operations of any business. It is a crucial job that requires expertise and experience. Small and medium-sized businesses in the UAE need them to help them decrease the VAT they pay on supplies, services, and consumables. Becoming a UAE VAT Consultant is not difficult at all. […]

Top Outsourcing Business Ideas In UAE

Top Outsourcing Business ideas in UAE

You have heard about the UAE’s booming economy and its surprising benefits for launching a business, but you do not know where to start. There are many business opportunities in UAE for people who want to start a business or expand their existing one. If you want to start a business in UAE, then you must be thinking about […]

FTA Amends VAT Penalties and Fines in UAE

FTA Amends VAT Penalties

You might be thinking that if the UAE is considered to be a tax-free country, then why is there VAT in UAE? Yes, the UAE is a tax-free country, but there are still some taxes here, and VAT is one of them. In the UAE, the Federal Tax Authority will levy VAT fines and penalties. […]

How can I find the best chartered accountants in UAE?

Best charted Accountants in UAE

Finding the right chartered accountants for your business in UAE is not an easy task. Many firms claim to be the best, but when it comes to audit or tax-related work, they fail to deliver results. When you are looking for an accountant, do your homework to find out what kind of services he offers […]

Get Your Business Tax Matters Perfectly Done With the Best Tax Consultant in UAE

Tax Matters Perfectly Done

With the flourishing state of the current economy of the UAE, the role of TAX consultants in UAE in business is also growing at the same pace. Many companies are choosing to expand their business into the UAE, as well as many expats who have newly arrived in the UAE choose to start their own business. Therefore, […]