Top Outsourcing Business Ideas In UAE

Top Outsourcing Business ideas in UAE

You have heard about the UAE’s booming economy and its surprising benefits for launching a business, but you do not know where to start. There are many business opportunities in UAE for people who want to start a business or expand their existing one. If you want to start a business in UAE, then you must be thinking about […]

How can I find the best chartered accountants in UAE?

Best charted Accountants in UAE

Finding the right chartered accountants for your business in UAE is not an easy task. Many firms claim to be the best, but when it comes to audit or tax-related work, they fail to deliver results. When you are looking for an accountant, do your homework to find out what kind of services he offers […]

Get Your Business Tax Matters Perfectly Done With the Best Tax Consultant in UAE

Tax Matters Perfectly Done

With the flourishing state of the current economy of the UAE, the role of TAX consultants in UAE in business is also growing at the same pace. Many companies are choosing to expand their business into the UAE, as well as many expats who have newly arrived in the UAE choose to start their own business. Therefore, […]

ARC Associates-The best firm in UAE for VAT Consultation

The best firm in UAE for VAT Consultation

You may have many choices when it comes to discovering your appropriate VAT Consultants in the UAE, but ARC Associates is well-positioned to be your top pick. This is mainly due to our commitment & in-depth knowledge of some of the more technical aspects, especially concerning VAT. We will assist you in understanding how these new […]

Dubai Customs Launches Trader Export Report Service

Dubai Customs Launches Trader

The Trader Export Report service was launched by Dubai Customs in collaboration with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to assist businesses in overcoming challenges, improving compliance, & increasing revenue. The new service will assist clearing & shipping agents in obtaining a Zero Rating of supply for goods exported under 90 days of the export date, […]

How to get an ICV Certificate in the UAE?

How to get an ICV Certification in UAE

ADNOC’s Unified ICV Program is a brilliant initiative. Making contributions to In-Country Value (ICV) is linked to business incentive programs, which inspires local suppliers to start concentrating more on obtaining an ICV certificate. The initiative intends to promote economic development in the UAE & assist local businesses in doing business with large corporations like ADNOC. […]

Why Does Your Company Need The Best Business Valuation Services In UAE?

Business Valuation in UAE

The entire purpose of establishing & running a business is changing in the contemporary world. Generally, businesses are launched to reach a greater valuation threshold & sell the company to the right purchasers. From such a change in approach & greater activity, the necessity for & occurrences of value is always increasing. The process of […]

What Is An Investigation Audit & Related Procedures?

An Investigation Audit & Related Procedures

When a company is suspicious of engaging in anomalous activities like money laundering, financial crimes, or fraud, a detailed investigation of its accounts, financial statements, & business procedures is required. An investigative audit is a name given to this investigation process. These investigation audits are directed at an assortment of purposes. It utilizes a range […]

Amended Commercial Companies Law in UAE to Allow 100% Foreign Ownership of Companies

Amended Commercial Companies Law in UAE

The UAE’s Ministry of Economy has announced an amended Commercial Companies Law which was implemented in the first week of June that allows foreign investors & business entrepreneurs to start & fully own onshore companies. It is part of the government’s efforts to simplify doing business in the UAE and to improve the nation’s competitive […]

Learn About the Key Differences between Investigation and Auditing

Key Difference Between Investigation and Auditing

For common people, investigation and audit are nearly the same, but this is a wrong assumption. There is a significant difference between these two. In this article, we will try to get the concept of investigation & an audit & what is the key difference between them. An investigation is performed to prove a certain […]