VAT Training in Bahrain

VAT Training in Bahrain

Bahrain recently announced their VAT Law on 9 October 2018 which was implemented on 1 January 2019 at 5% as part of the 2018 agreement with other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

ARC Associates is a regulated Tax Agency, with years of experience in VAT workshop training. We are very knowledgeable when it comes to understanding VAT and implementing it in your company. We will provide you with the syllabus and materials needed for the VAT training in Bahrain and ensure you don’t come out of the training still uninformed about everything that you need to know about VAT.

Program Outlines

Some of the materials covered in our VAT courses in Bahrain include the introduction to the taxation law in Bahrain, modifications to your sales invoice, modifications to your accounts, the required accounting entries in sales transactions, etc.

Also in order to better acquaint themselves with the VAT implementation services in Bahrain, these people are advised to attend the VAT training: CFOs, CEOs, Senior Accountants, and Chief Accountants,

What are the Thresholds in VAT Registration in Bahrain?

Below is a list of thresholds that are for VAT registration in Bahrain, in accordance with the GCC VAT Agreement

  • Mandatory registration threshold—SAR 375,000 (approx. BHD 37,700)
  • Voluntary registration threshold—SAR 187,500 (approx. BHD 18,850)
  • A non-resident person obligated to pay tax in Bahrain—irrespective of the supplies’ value (registration: direct or via a tax representative)

What are the Violations Against VAT Law in Bahrain?

  • Failure is going through VAT registration within 60 days of the deadline for registration
  • Default in VAT payment within 60 days of the deadline.
  • Failure in providing a tax invoice
  • Charging VAT on non-taxable items
  • Unrightfully recovering VAT input

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