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Why is VAT Consultants Services Are Extremely Important?

Recently, the UAE joined the tax world. While excision tax is applied with effect from 1 October 2017, from 1 January 2018 Value Added Tax (VAT) has just taken its course. The rate of the excise tax is applicable at 50 % for carbonated drinks and 100 percent for tobacco and energy drinks. At the same time, however, the VAT rate applies at a minimum rate of 5 %, which is the lowest tax rate among other parts of the world.

The UAE companies face a number of quiet challenges while implementing VAT in their business stream to ensure compliance with VAT. Since VAT is a newly adopted concept in the region, it requires the advice of qualified and experienced tax professionals to support businesses in particular while complying with this transition in the initial stages. ARC Associates provides their tax consultants with experienced chartered accountants. Tax experts have industry-specific expertise in taxation that meets international standards.

Why choose ARC Associates; VAT Consultants in Dubai?

ARC Associates can help you with the services of Impact Assessment; we strive to guarantee that your business is well-positioned for VAT. To build long-term relationships with our customers, we provide well-researched professional advice and effective solutions to all of their VAT-related issues.

ARC Associates helps you to:

  •        Provide a comprehensive VAT impact assessment (free of charge)
  •        Equip your staff to be well equipped for VAT 
  •        Recommend changes/updates to your accounting system
  •        Recommend changes to your invoice structure & other related documents 
  •        Educate yourself on the VAT rates applied to every one of your revenue streams
  •        Advice on the impact of VAT on your current projects.
  •        Advise you on data maintenance to comply with VAT.


We at ARC Associates, one of the best VAT Consultants in Dubai and UAE providing clients with a wide range of VAT Consultancy Services in UAE following the client’s business needs.

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