VAT Health Check

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A TAX audit is fundamentally an administration’s evaluation of an organization about its obligation as a taxable legal formation. FTA (Federal Tax Authority) conducts this kind of audit to ensure the payment of each liability and each regulatory expense of taxation due is paid, collected, and delivered to the governmental authorities within the period given. The government additionally evaluates an organization whether they are following certain obligations that apply to their business according to the tax laws (Tank Law, Extract Tax Law, and so forth.).

ARC professional auditors and specialists help you understand FTA tax audit regulations, and help you to be always organized to be all set up to face the tax audit that people seem to be worried about. We support you with a review of the system, review of calculations tax, review of VAT returns, and review of payment of tax due and all affiliated procedures.

 Why is TAX Audit Important?

In case Federal TAX Authority (FTA) finds out a Tax Violation then the penalties will be incurred on the organization and the items of penalties include not maintaining financial records, submitting of a faulty tax return by the registrant. Moreover, failure of the person conducting business to facilitate the work of the TAX Auditor, failure of the taxable person to submit a registration application within the period specified in the tax law, and TAX Violations in UAE will also lead to shutting down the business entirely and the cancellation of the Trade license.

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