Real Estate Audit

Real Estate Audit in Dubai, UAE

Real estate stands for property in the form of lands and buildings and it is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UAE it requires the real estate businesses to comply with all the legal requirements. The RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) of UAE requires the audit of the projects registered with them in the UAE and for the same purpose, RERA has approved only 25 auditors in the UAE who are eligible to perform the real estate audit.

ARC Associates in Dubai is among one the approved auditors by the RERA who are eligible for performing the real estate audit in the UAE. As per the regulations of RERA, it is mandatory that the audit of the ESCROW Accounts is performed. The highly qualified professionals of ARC Associates are well versed with all the legal requirements of the RERA and help the real estate business, the association owners, and the trustees in performing the real estate audit in the UAE.

ARC Associates, always keeps an update of any amendments made in the legal compliance of the RERA department which makes it easier to serve the real estate businesses with any queries regarding the real estate audit and compliance in the UAE.

Having established themselves as the best auditors in the UAE, ARC Associates are experienced to handle the real estate disputes that are raised in the courts of Dubai and are regularly appointed by the Dubai Courts to handle the cases arising in the real estate.

While performing the real estate audit, all the transactions made from the ESCROW Accounts are carefully scrutinized and analyzed to identify whether all the finances were solely utilized in the completion of the project.

As per the regulations of RERA, the real estate businesses are required to get their real estate audit performed annually for every project under development.

ARC Associates being an expert in the real estate audit with a team that has a sound knowledge of the real estate audit provides the real estate developers with a good audit report that displays the actual image of the business by checking every aspect of finance, operations, and compliance of all the legal requirements.

Apart from the real estate audit, ARC Associates also specializes in the internal audit for the real estate developers to provide them with an insight into the internal financial health of their businesses by identifying and analyzing the risks involved and providing solutions to the real estate developers to tackle and handle the issues arising from the risks identified by the ARC team.