MEA & MOFA Attestation

MEA & MOFA Attestation Services

Any company that plans to set up a branch of a foreign company in UAE must attest its entire parent document from MOFA in their respective country and also in UAE. Documents of parent company like certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, Any board resolution prepared by the foreign company has to be attested by MOFA to set up their branch company in UAE. MEA and MOFA are the offices that certified or verified the documents to make you able to be accepted by the Government of UAE. This is really going to help you activate your business freely and easily in UAE. MEA and MOFA attestation are an important part of activating your business.

MEA Attestation

MEA is the Ministry of External Affairs that attest to the original copies of documents to be used abroad. This Ministry is responsible to attest or verify the documents related to Apostille and general attestation.
Apostille is the attestation that is done for personal documents like; birth certificate and marriage certificate. The general category covers all the types of documentations attestation.

MOFA Attestation

Your documents and certificates need to get attested by different offices like HRD, MEA, Embassy, and MOFA. MOFA (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) attests to the certificate at the final stage of the procedure. 
Other than documents related to Business, any individual’s certificate which will be used in UAE as proof must also be attested by MOFA. Any personal documents like Educational Certificate, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate has to be attested by UAE if any of these documents are submitted as proof for a processing residence visa or for any other government-related works.
Other than Business and personal documents even to issue a Power of Attorney outside UAE, then attestation from MOFA is required. Only the Power of Attorney corroborate from MOFA will be received by Dubai Court if the POA has been made outside UAE.

The attestation process looks difficult and lengthy sometimes, We at ARC ASSOCIATES with a professional expert team that provides the foremost attestation services making the whole MEA and MOFA attestation process hassle-free and lumps free for our clients. 

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