Dubai Customs Registration

Customs client code is mandatory to import & export the goods

Company dealing with the import and export of goods from Dubai need to legitimate their business through Dubai Customs Registration obtaining the code for clearance of goods. Dubai Custom is one of the oldest government Authority to regulate the inflow & out flow of trade in a smooth way.  Dubai Customs authority has made the registration process very simple. Custom code can be obtained online by submitting an application through "Dubai Trade Portal". The following documents need to be furnished to obtain a code. 

Required Documents: 
• A copy of valid trade license.
• A passport copy of the authorized person.
• An undertaking letter for companies with professional license only.

Customs client code is mandatory to import & export the goods, after the implications of VAT in UAE, the customs code of a business are directly linked with the company TAX Registration Number. Customs code must be annually renewed after the commercial license is renewed by the concerned authority.

ARC Associates with its experienced team assists clients in obtaining the Dubai custom code in a most efficient and hassle freeway also our team will advise and assist with the renewal of the custom code along with the license renewal of the company. 

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