Investigation Audit Services in Dubai

Fraud Investigation Audit

Investigative Auditing involves fraud detection, fraud tracing, fraud quantification and fraud prevention, money laundering, and terror finance. Investigative Auditing includes the assessment of accounts and the use of accounting procedures to discover financial abnormalities and irregularities, embezzlement, and mismanagement of financial and operational activity, and to follow the flow of funds and assets in organizations. The aims of Investigative Auditing include, inter alia identification of suspects; determination of damages; quantification of damages; prevention of damage; identification of financial activity; tracing of financial assets.

ARC provides complete investigative services to clients on all the safety and insurance matters to help you in executing the plans, reducing efforts maximizing value.

What could be done for Investigative Auditing?

Ideally, investigative auditing aims to detect the suspects, uncover and suggest how to rectify the financial irregularities, obtain substantial evidence against the suspect, present the case in the court of law, and provide suitable recommendations for the prevention of such frauds in the future. The audit services include Examining the suspected financial and operational procedures of the organization Assistance in fraud prevention by conducting investigative review Preparation of report based upon investigation findings Assistance in filing a court case against the one held for questioning Providing a full-time forensic accountant by audit companies.

ARC investigative forensic auditors specialize in the investigation of audits of companies. We have experienced forensic auditors who exclusively look into the investigative matters prevailing in a company.