How You Can Use Tax Agencies?

How You Can Use Tax Agencies?

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has decided to introduce new features to the e-Services portal that will let the Taxable Persons link their accounts with accredited Tax Agencies, where the Agency will carry out all the transactions within the account on behalf of the Taxable Person. Transactions may include registration procedures, tax return submission, etc.


This update to the portal is based on the requests submitted by the businesses and the Taxable Persons, further ensuring compliance with the tax procedures.


The FTA is updating its services to avoid disruptions to the tax system and also to ensure flexibility and constructive interactions within the business communities said the Director-General.


Following the procedures mentioned on the FTA’s website,, the Taxable Person can link their account with the accredited Tax Agency. This Tax Agency would represent the Taxable Person in all the transactions.


The Taxable Person can give access to their account to the Agency through the “Taxable Person’s Screen”, just by following the 4 simple steps:


=> Click on the “Appoint New Tax Agency” / “Add New User” option


=> Enter the email address of the registered user


=> To verify the email address click on “Search”


=> Click on “Connect” to link.


By going to the “View Linked Users” option, the Tax Agency can get access to the Taxable Person’s account and select “Authorize Editing” to edit the data’s on their behalf.


For a set time period, the Taxable Person can give approval to only one Agency to edit at a time. But the Agency is allowed to link with more than one Taxable Person at a time. The authorization to edit can be canceled only by the account’s owner.


Tax agencies must be registered and accredited by the Authority, it must be registered with FTA as a Tax Agent. The Tax Agency will possess a Tax Registration Number (TRN) issued by the FTA. As a Tax Agent in UAE arrange or prepare all the documents which are in line with the VAT for the FTA during the tax audit.


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