Dubai South Authority (DWC) Audit Services And Their Importance

External Audit Requirements in DWC include renewing their business license at the end of their financial year. A company in DWC is also obliged to conduct an External Audit of its financial statements and submit the Audit Report to the DWC free zone authority as it is an essential component of the process for renewing the business license in the DWC.

ARC auditors provide the client with the audit reports needed with the information they need to ensure that the business environment within the free zone is well regulated helping the clients obtain more control over the management of the business for risk-free and maximum profiting from the benefits availed by the designated free zone.

DWC Approved Auditors

In order to continue providing External Audit services in Dubai South (DWC), the audit firms are required to have the auditors participating in continuous educational training programs concerning maintaining and updating their technical knowledge according to the changing accounting and auditing standards maintaining the respectively requested level of competence. Audit Services in DWC is that it assists the companies in the process of renewing their DWC business license.

ARC professionals help in producing financial statements and operations providing the business owners or the entrepreneurs with data and information providing if the financial reports are prepared in compliance with the appropriate accounting standards and regulations and projecting a real and genuine assessment of the company’s financial standing.

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