All you need to know about Tax Invoices- VAT in UAE


As a VAT registered person, it is required to issue a Tax Invoice, which states the details of all taxable supplies that has been made. In order to dictate the date of supply and determine the tax period in which the output tax should be accounted for, a tax invoice must be issued.


What is a buyer created a Tax Invoice?

There are cases where tax invoices are issued by the recipient or the buyer, such a tax invoice is known as the buyer created tax invoices.


In order to issue a buyer created tax invoice, the recipient must be registered for VAT and the recipient and supplier must both agree in giving the right to the recipient in issuing the tax invoice.


When to issue a Tax Invoice?


It is required to issue a tax invoice within 14 calendar days from the date of supply. A summary tax invoice can be issued when more than one supply of goods and services is made to the same recipient during a month.


While issuing a tax invoice it must contain:


The word “Tax Invoice” must be clearly displayed.


Supplier’s Name, address, and TRN


If the recipient is registered for VAT, Name, address, and TRN of the recipient


A sequential tax invoice number or a unique invoice number


Issue date of tax invoice


Date of supply


Description of the goods or services supplied


The rate of VAT, unit price, quantity or volume supplied and the amount payable for each good or service must be expressed in AED


Discount amount offered


Gross amount payable, expressed in AED


Rate of exchange applied along with tax amount payable, expressed in AED


If the invoice relates to a supply under which the recipient is required to account for VAT, a statement and reference to the relevant provision of law


What is a Simplified Tax Invoice?

A simplified tax invoice can be issued if the recipient is not registered for VAT and when the recipient is registered for VAT and the consideration for the supply does not exceed AED 10,000. It must contain:


Tax Invoice being displayed clearly


Registered supplier’s name, address and TRN


Tax invoice issue date


Description of the goods and services supplied


VAT amount charged and total consideration.


It is not required to issue a tax invoice:


When the VAT rate is 0% on the supply and there are sufficient records available to provide the particulars of the supply


Issuing a tax invoice is being considered as impractical by the FTA.


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