VAT & Excise Accounting

VAT & Excise Accounting in Dubai, UAE

Since the introduction of VAT on 01 January 2018 into the UAE, people have been on the hunt for VAT accounting & bookkeeping services. Like many of our clients, you too can rest assured, knowing that ARC Associates will guide you through each step of the way. VAT accounting requires meticulous documentation as records are expected to be kept by organizations for inspection by the government. Strict procedures and controls should be set in place for VAT accounting services in order to ensure accurate representation of your company’s finances.

Why Outsource VAT Accounting to VAT Consultants?

VAT accounting will encourage companies to be more aware of all the processes that should be learned in order to properly account for VAT such as tax filing etc.

Support from a VAT accountant in the UAE will be very helpful to the businessmen who do not deal with VAT regularly especially in this country. Since there are several VAT matters that need to be understood in order to be handled, A VAT consultant from ARC Associates will advise you on how to effectively manage your VAT accounting. Regardless of whether you’re a small- or medium-sized company, it is important that your accounting and financial reports are very organized. This requires time to ensure proper execution. Our VAT consultants in the UAE always check to see if the clients follow the tax laws and alleviate any concerns regarding VAT accounting.

VAT Consultancy Services in UAE

At Arc Associates, we take care of all you need to handle with VAT accounting, such as necessary amendments of a company’s accounting system, reviewing of tax reports, technical support with accounting, tax filing, tax calculations, etc. We help you simplify the process and make it less complicated. With years of experience offering VAT accounting services in Dubai, we are very knowledgeable about the procedures needed and our client’s needs and anticipate any potential problems that could arise. We also take care of the deregistration of a company and conduct forensic accounting in Dubai as well as trademark registration for start-ups in Dubai.

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