Company Liquidation and De-registration Services In Dubai

Company Liquidation and De-registration

“A Smart move if done in time”


Company liquidation and de-registration services in dubai

Company Liquidation And De-registration Services In Dubai:

Everything that has a beginning has an end. The life cycle of a commercial company starts with incorporation or registration, covers the growth phase until it reaches maturity followed by the decline phase and finally ends in liquidation and deregistration.

A commercial company, by its nature, exists to make profit and generate cash surpluses to satisfy various stakeholders.

A smart move is to liquidate and deregister the commercial company while the going is still good enough to pay all its liabilities from its assets and return the residual assets to its owners. A timely voluntary liquidation will give the commercial company a great degree of  control over the process. The reputation and credit-worthiness of its owners will also remain intact, which is important for starting a new business in the future. Procrastination often results in unpleasantness. Involuntary liquidation can be triggered by creditors or the court. In such events, the owners have far less control than a voluntary liquidation. Assets generally tend to realize lesser value as the potential buyers look for bargains in the knowledge that there is a compulsion to sell. Reputation loss for the owners is an additional thorn in their side.

Liquidation Rules & Regulations

In general, liquidation involves early termination of all unexpired contracts, disposal of all assets and inventories including work in progress and obtaining certificates confirming settlement of all liabilities from banks, lenders, creditors and regulatory authorities. Some assets may be taken over by creditors, owners or shareholders. In such cases, unbiased professional valuations may be required.

In the UAE there are specific liquidation and De-registration rules for:

  • Onshore companies
  • Free Zone companies
  • Offshore companiesARC Associates Deregistration

It is advisable to consult a professionals such as approved liquidators for LLC and FZ company liquidation or DMCC approved auditors and DMCC company liquidators to discuss the process and timing of liquidation and deregistration. An experienced liquidator can save the company time and money while safeguarding reputation and offering peace of mind.

In every problem there is an opportunity. The professional liquidators in Dubai can help in maximizing the benefits from the opportunities.

Where to seek  help

ARC Associates is an experienced Liquidator, ready to serve you.They are:

  1. Registered free zones liquidators
  2. Approved liquidators for LLC and FZ Company liquidation
  3. DMCC approved auditors and DMCC Company liquidators

For a no obligation initial consultation please contact:

 Mr. Reyees. K.P | Director

ARC Associates

Tel: +971 4 4431604

PO BOX 390831

Mob : 055 4874391

B2B Tower , Office 1213

Business Bay

Dubai, UAE

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