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Are you VAT registered importer to Dubai?

As a VAT registered importer to Dubai, importing and exporting taxable goods in UAE are liable to pay tax. The payment of tax is accounted through the reverse charge mechanism.

Under certain circumstances like, importing taxable goods into a VAT designated zone or transferring taxable goods from one VAT designated zone to another VAT designated zone VAT is not applicable.

Are you a Non-registered (VAT) Importer to Dubai?

If a non-registered importer gets taxable goods into UAE mainland and export to another country, tax must be paid directly to the FTA. VAT is not applicable for importing taxable goods into the VAT designated zone (like a free zone).

Reliefs from import VAT

Under customs duty certain goods will not be subject to import VAT:

  • Those goods entering UAE under temporary admission
  • Goods that are placed in customs warehouse
  • Those goods which are in transit
  • If the goods are to be re-exported by whom it was imported.

VAT free imports are:

  • Goods that are imported by the internal security forces and military forces
  • Gifts and personal effects brought by travellers
  • Transport of used household items and personal effects by the UAE nationals living abroad on moving to live in UAE for the first time
  • Returned goods (exports that came back to the UAE)

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